Directia Silvica Bihor Forestry Directorate

Mihai Eminescu Street, No.15, ORADEA BIHOR County
Phone: +40 0259-413001 / +40 0359-413484
Work program : Monday – Thursday 8.00 – 16.30 and Friday 8.00 – 14.00

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In the forest fund, the forestry personnel apply its specific legislation in order to defend the integrity, to maintain the current limits and the unitary household, in the context of a sustainable and ecological forestry.

The forestry personnel aims to increase the productivity of the forests and the quality of the obtained wood as well as for the integral capitalization of all the forest products.

In addition to wood, the Bihor Forestry Department capitalizes on the main product, which has the largest share in forestry production (62%) and other products such as: berries (which represent 7% of forestry production), hunting products (3 %), fishery products (4%), medicinal plants, edible mushrooms, resin, forest seeds, prefabricated wood, revenues from private forest administration (24%).

These products are harvested from the managed forest fund, agricultural lands, pastures and the mountain hollow whose surface amounts to approx. 521,573 ha. The hunting products are harvested from the 7 hunting funds managed by the Forestry Department. The fish products are produced in the 2 trout farms, obtaining annually 35 – 40 tons of trout consumption. Over 100 tons of berries are harvested annually by the Bihor Forestry Department. For the handling and storage of these non-wood products, the Bihor Forestry Department has one of the largest refrigeration bases in the country, embodied in the three freezing and storage refrigerated warehouses, located within the Beiuș, Aleșd and Oradea Forestry Schools, whose volume amounts to 1600 m3, of which only at the Beiuș Forest Fruit Center we have refrigerated spaces of over 1400 m3.

The Bihor Forestry Department delivers berries and medicinal plants, mostly in a frozen state. In the future we intend to keep these products to be delivered either outside the harvest season when delivery prices are much higher, or to move to their processing. As an efficient form of processing berries, we see dehydration, to be used to obtain aromatic teas, medicinal teas and flake-based products – müsli.

Bihor Forestry Directorate has an old tradition in selling non-wooden products of the forest.

To follow we have the pleasure to inform you about the amounts of the berries (BIO products) we intend to sell during the year of 2021

Our products: blueberry, cranberry, rosehip, common chokeberry, blackberry, blackthorn, raspberry
Bihor Forestry Directorate can produce and sell Organic Wild Garlic / Ramsons (Allium ursinum) certified by Ceres GmbH, Germany.
Our offer may vary according to your demands, the capacity of transportation and to weather forecast.
The frozen berries will be delivered on pallets and will be wrapped in special paper bags.
Also, the Bihor Forestry Department offers for sale forest seeds of the following species:
* Acacia – Robinia pseudacacia) – scarified or unscarified;
* Spruce (Picea abies) – unwingled (wingless)