About us

Inter-Bio is an inter professional branch organization for organic agri-food products and agri-ecology.

INTER-BIO members decided to associate in order to contribute to the sustainable development and promotion of organic agri-food sector and principles of agri-ecology in Romania.The organization aims to undertake a series of activities including:

  • supporting and promoting the value chain manufacturers, processors and traders;
  • representate members interests in order to increase economic competitiveness and to create new skills;
  • supporting members  to do export and with internationalization;
  • professional training of the members;
  • participation in national and European networks;
  • increasing the research, innovation and development  potential of industry members;
  • integration of organic farming into the other branches of the bio-economy;
  • raising public and consumer awareness of the benefits of organic farming;
  • other specific actions.

The organization aims to develop concrete plans in order to adapt agri-food products to the European legislation and standards for the development of economic agents, involved in the Community’s competitive environment.


We hear a lot about chemicals in the environment. They are everywhere, in the soil, in the water, in the air, in our homes and in our food. Companies are required to be transparent about some things such as fat and sugar levels, Es, but, they are not telling you about others, like what was sprayed on the food, what seeds and fertilizers they used to grow it , what chemical agents were involved in the process. Producers who use the eco-label choose to be more transparent and to allow third-party inspections on their farm to check if what they claim in the ads is true and thus ensure that chemicals in food or even clothing are drastically reduced. Organic certification makes the difference. Are you aware of this advantage?


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