INTER-BIO Association recently became a member of TP ORGANICS, one of the 40 European technology platforms, officially recognized by the European Commission. It is a network developed exclusively in the field of organic agriculture, which through its 103 members and 7 national platforms, brings together 5.8 million farmers, 5,000 companies and 2,500 researchers and agricultural advisers. This platform is involved in the development of  the research and innovation agendas and roadmaps for research at EU and national level in the field of the ecology.


“Research and innovation are crucial for the development of the organic sector and for the design of a sustainable food systems, therefore, TP ORGANIS and INTER-BIO Association fight for increased funding for research in the organic and agro-ecological sphere.” said Costin Lianu, President of INTER-BIO.

As a member of this platform,  INTER-BIO Association will be involved in:

  • Promoting organic agriculture;
  • Creation of diversified agricultural systems, that resists in front of environmental changes;
  • Redefining policies on organic farming, starting from the local level to the level of the European Union;
  • Development of sustainable value chains for a better food systems;
  • Creating an efficient, sufficient and consistent agricultural and food system at the European level.


If you are interested in research projects in the field of organic agriculture through TP ORGANICS platform, together with INTER-BIO Association, contact:

0740.521.967,  0724.414.566,  0736527415.