Our environment is more hazardous and unpredictable. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are rising at a record pace, plastic materials and microplastics are everywhere, penetrating the living organisms as well as other healthy dangerous metal or chemicals. Pollinators, which are needed for plants and crops to grow, are diminishing worldwide. Biodiversity is rapidly being lost as an estimated 150 species become extinct each day, which is 1000 times higher than the „natural” or „background” rate. Healthy food and food security are impacting heavily our health. Ecological hazards in cities, rivers, forests, soil and air are more and more frequent.

We need a rapid shift of paradigm from healthcare community to planetary health and more awareness of the severe public health impacts of global environmental change and to bring together clinical communities with other communities.

This will help us all understand how global environmental change impacts our health, and promote together bottom-up environmental action through patient education, awareness, new business models and responsible action.

Inter Bio and One Health association stimulate collaborative, multi-sectoral, and trans-disciplinary approach – working at local, regional, national, and global levels – to achieve optimal health and well-being outcomes, recognizing the interconnections between people, animals, plants and their shared environment. It includes animal, economic, social, territorial  ecosystems to promote  health and well-being.

The debate will focus on the way the business community, producers, traders, suppliers, processors and certification bodies are forging branch cooperation in order to develop new markets and new value chains closer to the holistic approach of human health. Practitioners, companies, clusters, standardization and certification bodies as well as authorities, branch associations, are invited from a wide range of activities: organic farming and  processing units, ecological products – food and non food-, engineering and equipments producers, environment protection, e-health, R&D institutes, manufacturing industries, certification and  standards bodies.