On December 18, 2018, at USH Pro Business Center, the first meeting of  Inter-Bio Association took place. Inter-bio is a support association for the organization of organic product chains at national level.

The association aims to promote producers, processors and traders on the value chains of organic products, as well as representing them, helping them export, increasing their potential of RDI adapted to the value chains of organic products.

The association also aims to create a system that can help dialogues and consultations regarding the organic product chains and to represent the interests of economic operators in these channels.

Until now, Inter-Bio Association is composed of associative structures in the fields of cereals, wine and fruits.

“It is for the first time when an organization in Romania is created exclusively on organic product chains, according to the European model. In time, as we will get the necessary support from product operators, we will try to obtain the national and European recognition of Inter-Bio. We are just at the beginning of the road, but we believe that without such an approach we will not be able to develop a competitive sector for the organic products. The organization is open to all associative structures that have national representation on one or more organic product chains. What we have to overcome is the distrust and lack of interest in these sectors, which did not allow their assertion in the ecological field, combined with a slogan that is often used “it is possible without it”. Of course it is possible without it, but we will stay in line this way, with an uncompetitive organic sector. Trade in organic products worldwide and in Europe is dominated by those who have organized by product chains and this idea must be understood by farmers, processors, traders and the rest of the support associations. In addition, European and national regulations offer competitive advantages to funding selections, delegation of responsibilities from public authorities on policy issues in the field, participation in important decisions making at national and European level,in order to protect and promote interests in each sector. Moreover, if we continue without such an organization, the ecological chains will not be well understood and even confused with the  conventional agriculture”, said Mr. Costin Lianu, President of Inter-Bio.