Inter-Bio Association created to promote organic product chains and for developing links between the organic farming and the bioeconomy, had disussions in Munich, Germany, on November 7 this year with representatives of Naturland, the association of German farmers producers and processers of organic products. The discussions focused on the evolution of the concepts and policies of organic agriculture as well as the processes of standardization and certification in the field of sustainable agriculture starting from the organic production.


“Naturland” is a world leader in organic farming, generating higher standards in the field, above the level of EU standards on organic products, with a high degree of internationalization of members. More than 65,000 farmers in 58 countries have adhered to Naturland standards, with more than 440,000 hectares worldwide being grown on these standards.


It was established that the two organizations should collaborate in finding the best solutions in order to involve associations, clusters and organic product chains in Romania in the network developed by Naturland.


The meeting was attended by Bio Danubius cluster and USH Pro Business as founding members of Inter-Bio, as well as representatives of the Danube Engineering Hub cluster interested in correlating sustainable agriculture with the concept of digitization and precision agriculture.


“Inter-Bio intends to cooperate more closely in the future with Naturland. The adherence of Romanian farmers to these standards is a guarantee they will develop their business in a sustainable way on the market. Both Inter-Bio and Naturland want to eliminate the confusion existing at consumer level regarding the quality of organic products because of campaigns based on pseudo quality schemes. The image of the organic sector in Romania depends on the delimitation of such practices “, said Costin Lianu, President of Inter-Bio, General Manager of USH Pro Business.