INTER-BIO, USH Pro Business and ACEX invite you to a discussions on the following topics: export promotion in the current context, what will happen to the export promotion program, how important is technology and especially its impact on food safety, the recognition of the importance of research and innovation for the organic farming sector and its funding by the European Commission through programs.


Agriculture occupies an important place, among the priorities for the use of existing European funds. The European Commission’s expert groups indicate in the funding programs the following areas: bio-economy, energy, environment, ICT, production and processes, transport, as well as initiatives on sustainable nanotechnologies, industrial safety and consumer goods.

Furthermore, European technology platforms are used to bring together technology expertise, industry, and regulators, as well as financial institutions, to support the development of areas that will recive funding. With regard to agriculture / organic farming, the Horizon Europe program is expected to encourage the participation of the industry in identifying opportunities for international cooperation, networking,  in order to address cross-cutting challenges and facilitating the formation of new partnerships.

The priorities will be: research and innovation in organic farming, as an approach that contributes to the  food and organic farming systems, identifying research needs of the organic sector, informing members about funding opportunities for research and innovation and promoting knowledge exchange between farmers, companies and researchers.

The digital seminar will be hosted on Go ToMeeting platform, on May 14, 2020, starting with 11.00.



  • What happens in the export promotion program? Evolutions and possibilities of the companies to  participate in MENOPE Dubai, December 6-8, 2020;
  • New forms of digital promotion that are available to companies “Digital trade week” at Arabian Organics;
  • Financing the organic farming in the Horizon Europe program.


The event will take place on May 14, 2020, at 11.00, online on GoToMeeting application.

In order to confirm your participation and to request additional information, you can contact us at: 0740521967 e-mail:  or access .