Between December, 2-4 this year, INTER-BIO Association – of producers, processors and traders in product chains, participated in Brussels, through USH Pro Business, the university entrepreneurship center, in the European debates on organic farming, that took place in a framework of three distinct events, respectively:


-“SME Organics Final Event”, that was focused on promoting SMEs in agriculture and organic processing sector;

– “IFOAM EU meets business, Bringing the organic food industry together”, that was focused on the business models of the future;

– “Organic Innovation Days”, that aimed at promoting innovation and digitalization in the organic sector.


INTER-BIO also had working meetings with representatives of similar organizations from other countries, representatives of IFOAM EU, FIBL Europe, researchers, academia from France, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Belgium, as well as experts. in the development of standards, in innovation and digitization in the agri-food field. Also, during the SME organics seminar, the positive experience of Inter-Bio in supporting SMEs exporting organic products was presented, especially through regional support centers, as well as by stimulating the creation of associative forms, such as clusters and cooperatives.


During the meetings, the important role of research in setting new rules for the production, processing and marketing of organic  products, as well as the positive impact on human health of the consumption of organic products were highlighted. In this regard, Inter-Bio suggested a close collaboration between the IFOAM movement, of organic farmers and the “One Health” movement with a holistic, integrated approach to human health.


Last but not least, the conference dedicated to digital innovation highlighted the importance of research and innovation both for optimizing the processes related to the production, processing and marketing of organic products and for the development of new products or new business models.

“The debates have highlighted the fact that the European Union regulations on organic, also called bio or ecological farming are currently being re-evaluated and new regulations will be introduced in the first half of 2020, on the production, processing and import of organic food. It is announced a tightening of control over the supply chains of organic products, an alignment of the system of sanctions, an increase in the number of field visits and the number of samples to be taken. Also, the aspects related to residues, of substances not allowed in the organic product will be regulated. Short distribution chains will be encouraged and the list of authorized substances will be revised. There are many measures that the producers need to find out now. In Romania, unfortunately, there are many who do not believe that the future of food will be organic or do not care about it “said Costin Lianu, President of INTER-BIO, General Manager of USH Pro Business.


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